Quick, Easy but Not That Cheap Granola

Somewhere between 2007 and 2011, I realised that granola had stopped being associated with lentil weaving and had become a stalwart of brunch menus across the land. It probably happened earlier than this, but I'm not particularly up on the food scene, as evidenced by my use of the phrase 'the food scene'.

I don't live in a cheap area of London. The nearest places to me that serve brunch charge £6 for granola, yoghurt and berries so I've never eaten it in a restaurant.

You would think that buying a box from the shops would be cheaper. Which it is, bowl for bowl. But the price of the good stuff is insane, when you consider that the basic ingredients are oats, nuts, dried or freeze-dried fruit.

So how do the premium brands get away with charging nearly £4 for 400 grams? Truly, it makes me want to punch all the stupid granola in its fancy foil bags. Well, when I decided to try and make my own granola at home, I realised why.