Maple & Walnut Scones

I made these scones in order to participate in this month's Random Recipes. The challenge was to make the recipe on page 30 of the thirtieth cookbook you counted up in your collection.

I've owned the book I selected, 'Baked: New Frontiers in Baking', for four years. Unfortunately, I didn't realise before buying it, that it was a US cookbook, complete with US measurements.

I cannot get my head around the measure-by-volume system that the US uses and the conversions aren't as straightforward as some books would have you believe, so 'Baked' has been gathering dust on my bookshelf (literally: you could see its' outline on the shelf when I pulled it out). However, with the help of a more mathematically-minded friend, this bake turned out just fine.

Well, more than fine, actually. I really loved these scones. They are quite dense, perhaps more of a breakfast scone, than something to put on tiered plates for afternoon tea. I had them while they were still warm, on a Sunday afternoon, with some ricotta and a dribble of treacle.

I then had some more the next morning, very lightly toasted and topped with some crispy bacon and a thin slice of Cheddar cheese.

The recipe allows for a glaze of maple syrup to be added, but I thought this would make them far too sweet, so I left my batch plain.

The recipe can be found here and the rest of this month's submissions to Random Recipes will be posted up soon, here.