Cheddar, Chilli & Courgette Muffins

One of the good things about coming out of blogging hibernation, is that in order to take photographs, I have to tidy my dining table, this being the only space in my flat that provides enough space and natural light to do so.

The dining table tends to act as a Bermuda Triangle for my post and any dry goods in my food shopping, which get abandoned when I get bored with putting away shopping and instead, wonder off to the sofa with a newly-purchased packet of biscuits. Once dumped, things stay there until I have a tidying frenzy, so having a reason to keep the table clear is good.

Another habit I've reacquired recently is buying flowers. This also helps keep on top of clutter. A table full of rubbish is easy to ignore, but a vase of flowers surrounded by rubbish is such a depressing sight, that it compels me to keep the area looking tidy (well, my version of tidy!).