Marble Bundt Cake


I needed a cake to serve over Christmas that wasn't too rich, or too sweet. Just something to stave off the sugar cravings and to serve with coffee.

I don't know why Bundt cakes aren't more popular in the UK. Using a Bundt tin is such an easy way to make an impression and there seem to be a worrying amount of people who think that you've sculpted the cake yourself, on presenting it. The best known brand of tin is produced by Nordic Ware. As Bundts are a US concoction, the best way to discern the volume of batter which any tin can take, is to check how many cups it holds.  The standard tin seems to take ten cups, but there are variations on this, so look out.

Speculoos Spiced Apple Cake

Lotus Biscuits are the only reason for being nice to your hairdresser.

I am joking, of course; they are not the only reason.  If you are not nice to your hairdresser, they will pretend to listen to you and understand that you definitely just want a trim. They will then get 'distracted', cut three inches off, then make out that this was what you told them that you wanted.

But back to Lotus biscuits.  These are the only brand of speculoos biscuits that you can widely buy in the UK and they are delicious.  In certain hairdressing chains, you get a single wrapped Lotus biscuit with your coffee.  You eat this, then ask for another one. Then, when the receptionist goes to get you another one, you call them back and tell them that they may as well just grab a handful of biscuits, as you are hypoglycemic and can't sit in one position for more than 15 minutes without going into a coma.

Speculoos biscuits are a lovely, short biscuit, from the Netherlands, that taste of spiced brown butter. A few months ago, I learned from I Heart Cupcakes that there is such a thing as speculoos spread, or paste. Which reminds me: