Breakfast Club 14 Round Up: Potatoes

Sorry, potato heads, this round up is horribly late and also missing a full submission from the host. Very poor form, I know. In my defence I will explain that I made potato bread, cheese and chive potato cakes with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce and spiced hash browns for this month's Breakfast Club.

However I have been working such insane hours at work, that my weekends are consumed at the moment with catching up on housework, chores and trying to actually get out of the house for some much needed daylight and fun (working 0600-1900 will do that for you). I haven't really felt inclined to stay indoors setting up photos. So all three potato recipes were eaten before I photographed them, or did much in the way to backtrack in my mind regarding how I made them, so I could write up the recipe.

I can tell you that out of the three, the cheese and chive potato cakes were tremendous and the potato bread was a waste of Maris Pipers and gas. I will write up a belated submission for the potato cakes, but really, all you need is some leftover cheesy mashed potato with chives and sour cream stirred in, a beaten egg and some seasoned flour. Heat groundnut or sunflower oil in a frying pan over a high heat (enough to create a very shallow pool)and while the oil is heating, quickly form patty cakes of mashed potato, then drag these through a bowl containing the beaten egg, then dunk and coat in the seasoned flour, this being contained in another bowl.

Gently lower these into the oil, and shallow fry until each side of the cake is golden brown. Transfer to a piece of kitchen towel to absorb the excess oil, before transferring to a warm plate.

These served well with the hollandaise and poached egg mentioned above. But I also oven heated the leftover cakes the next day and served these with mustardy pork chops and some greens, which was phenomenal.

Anyway, enough about my poor time management skills, let's get onto the submissions! Thank you to everyone who took the time to whip up some potato goodness and thanks again to Helen at Fuss Free Flavours for setting up Breakfast Club in the first place!

First up, we have a potato salad, from Divya, whose suggestion to use avocado instead of mayonnaise gives a healthy option on this classic dish.

So hopefully, these recipes should set you up for the cold months ahead. Keep an eye out on Helen's Breakfast Club page for details of the next challenge.

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