Brentford Festival, Sunday 4th September

Just a little reminder that Vanilla Frost and I will be selling cakes and cakey stuff at this Sunday's Brentford Festival.

We had a brilliant time last year and are crossing our fingers that the crowds and weather from then, will repeat this weekend!

More details about the Festival can be found on the official website. The London Mela is being held down the road on the same day, so lots to do in TW8-ish this weekend.

Hope to see you there x

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Peach Melba Madeira Cake


Peaches and raspberries are my favourite summer fruits (I may have mentioned this on occasion). Unfortunately, with sweet, sticky fruit, comes my arch nemesis: THE PICNIC WASP.

Wasps are malevolent little dildo-heads and we haven't been on speaking terms since one stung me in the face a few years ago, making me fall off my bike and into a hedge. Burying sticky fruit in a cake seems to help keep them at bay, at least, for long enough to eat your wares in relative peace.