Rhubarb Pistachio Macarons & Scrumptious Sally Sells

Rhubarb Pistachio Macarons

These macarons were meant to be for MacTweets, but I missed the deadline by a day and the round-up publication was unusually expedient.

If someone wants to share the secret of getting green shells on pistachio macarons with me, please feel free. I put a heaped toothpick's worth of colouring in with these and still suffered from brown shells. I cooked them at 150C, so perhaps the temperature needs to be lower?

I'd hoped the photos for this were going to be a little more inspiring, but I seem to have hit a bit of a dull period on the photo front. I recently bought Plate to Pixel, in the hope of finding some inspiration. But other than picking up advice about how to use a bed sheet to diffuse shadows, I've yet to glean anything that I can practically apply to my restricted set-up. I'm fairly good with the old DSLR, but struggle with balance and composition, which is a pity, given that they're probably the most important skills to have!


In any event, these macarons were damn tasty. Marks & Spencer's rhubarb jam is a new product for 2011 and I am on my second jar. This is testament to how good it is, considering that the other jams in my fridge are all two thirds full and about six months old. It's really good for baking but also, put on a bit of toasted brioche.

Lots more baking coming up this month. Myself and Lucy from Vanilla Frost are going to be at the Market Club on Sunday 17 July, selling cakes and brownies.

Market Club is run by a friend of Lucy's and sounds positively eclectic. There is going to be fencing (as in sword fights, not selling stolen goods), table football, live music, DJ sets, cake, films and loads of other stuff by the looks of it. We'll be selling our wares from midday, so do pop along if you're in the vicinity and say hello. I might even take you on in a sword fight if you slap my face with a glove.


Market Club is held on the third Sunday of every month at Rich Mix: click on the poster for more details

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