Breakfast Club #14: Potatoes

**The Breakfast Club Potato Round Up is complete and can be found here.*

The British weather is living up to its' reputation as being a contrary little madam at the moment. My recollection was that last summer, we had a reasonably stable season, with a few rainy days, but mostly balmy and enjoyable.

This summer, so far has been absolutely terrible! We should have known that this was to be, given the scorcher we enjoyed in April. But in any event, the current weather does not lend itself to the usual automatic summer slimming that we all enjoy, when we don't feel the need to fill ourselves with stodge and find ourselves actually choosing to eat salad.

So this month's Breakfast Club theme of potatoes is incredibly timely. A normal August would see me either skipping breakfast entirely (I know; naughty, naughty), or just grabbing a banana and some berries on the way out of the door. But  I am still in full-on Stodge Mode.

One of my Saturday Specials* when I was a child was pratie oaten. I'd hoped to have made a batch of it in time for this post, but I want to use the recipe for it that I was given by my mum's best friend. Despite having asked for it over a month ago, she has yet to pass it over.  I'm hoping she'll have relinquished it before the end of August, as pratie oaten is much more than the sum of its' parts and is better at setting you up for the day than oats alone, in my opinion.

Anyway, I am playing the hostess with the mostess for August's Breakfast Club, so until I've managed to persuade the recipe away from its' owner, I look forward to seeing what all you Breakfast Clubbers rustle up in the coming month.  I'm hoping to see a feisty vegetarian hash, a bulging breakfast burrito or perhaps my favourite potato breakfast dish, a kinky potato kedgeree (I like alliteration, sue me)...

How do you join Breakfast Club? Why, it's simple. Make something for breakfast which includes potatoes and post it, following the guidelines below.

  • Mention Breakfast Club in your post and use the logo
  • Link to this post and the Breakfast Club page
  • E-mail me at scrumptioussal at gmail dot com with a link to your post and a photo (no larger than 300 pixels, please!).
  • Send a previously posted recipe if you like, but please add the information above and republish.
  • Entries can be sent to other events, but please check their rules about submitting a post to multiple events.
  • If you tweet please tweet using #breakfastclub and hit me up @scrumptioussal so I can RT you.
  • If you do not have a blog, send a photo and details to me scrumptioussal at gmail dot com
  • Deadline for submissions is 31st August 2011; plenty of time for potato goodness!

Round-up will be on 7th September, or thereabouts. Have fun!

*Saturday Special; the one day of the week where my mum wasn't around or in charge of what we ate and my dad let us eat whatever we felt like eating, as long as it didn't involve him having to go to the shops

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