The Lazy Cook: Lemon Salmon with Cherry Tomato Cous Cous


This is the easiest recipe in the world, taken from 'Kitchen' by Nigella Lawson.

Preparation only takes five or six minutes, the ingredients are all readily available in the smallest of supermarkets and any leftovers taste great in a next-day salad. Also: minimal washing up (one pan, two bowls and a chopping board). The meal goes from the fridge to the table within 15 minutes; perfect for a quick supper.

Also, you get to slap the salmon about in a dish in a Monty Pythonesque fashion.

As well as being a post for my poor, neglected Lazy Cook section, I am sending this recipe to Forever Nigella 6, hosted this month by Kat over at Housewife Confidential.

A word of advice. This dish relies heavily on smoked paprika, which is applied both to the salmon and the cous cous. It is needed to add colour to the salmon, but it is a bit of a bully when mixes with the cous cous, too.  I swapped it out for some saffron, which added the requisite warmth and colour, albeit at a cost!

This recipe is so easy, that I don't think I even need to give written instructions for it. Instead, I will leave Nigella to walk you through the preparation of this dish (skip to 0:37 to cut out the bit showing Nigella pretending to shop).

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