Real Food Festival 2011: My Greatest Hits

At last! The Real Food Festival, held in London this weekend, finally gave me an opportunity to try Gower Cottage Brownies.

Brownies not pictured, because they are all gone!
I'd heard nothing but superlatives about these brownies, but had shied away from buying a whole box without trying them first.

They are absolutely beautiful, perfectly sized fudgey mouthfuls of MWAAAH. I really must insist that everyone in the UK buys a box. At £15.99 including postage, they are a bountiful bargain; the brownies also freeze very well, if you can stop yourself form scarfing the lot on the day of delivery.

My two other favourite sweet finds at the Real Food Festival, came from Auberge du Chocolat and Sweet Things.

I spent a very educational 10 minutes being taught by Anne from Auberge that I don't actually dislike dark chocolate; I just prefer dark chocolate with fruity notes. Anne helped me determine which of the bars I liked best and I went away feeling like I'd had a personal shopper experience.

I made a beeline for Sweet Things upon arrival, having read the glowing recommendation they got from Anne at I Heart Cupcakes, who'd been at the festival earlier in the week.
I bought a Red Velvet cupcake.


The frosting was completely perfect. The cake was a proper red velvet, i.e. not just a chocolate cupcake with red food colouring (naming no names, but I think a lot of English cupcakeries don't understand the difference that using the correct recipe makes).

I wish I'd bought some of the other flavours, as the only regular trading Sweet Things do is outside Shepherd Foods in NW3 every Sunday, which is a bit out of the way for me.  But I was starting to get weighed down with goodies by this point, so decided to head off in search of something more healthy.

My best savoury find came from Womersley Foods. I only went to their stall to have a little taste of their chilli vinegar, but the girl behind the table hypnotised me with chunks of vinegar-soaked bread and I ended up spending half of my money on vinegar and jelly.  The raspberry and chilli vinegar was used to dress my salad last night and the cherry vinegar is going on my dessert this evening.

Aargh! I nearly forgot to mention the Dessert Deli!


Laura was selling lots of tempting dessert shots, but I had already crammed in so many samples that I couldn't handle a whole shot of key lime pie (is it still pie if it isn't pie-shaped?), so I bought a slice of the plum cake.

I had it this morning for breakfast with some yoghurt. One of the best fruity cakes I've tasted, it had a but of a custardy kick to the top of it. Not too much, but combined with the wet cake, it was a lovely bite, somewhere between cake and dessert.

A really well spent afternoon. A lot of the traders are regulars at the Real Food Market on Southbank, so if you missed the Festival, you might want to check the market out, which will be running from Friday to Sunday, starting from next week.