A Trip to Sweetie Pies Boutique Bakery and A Hummingbird Giveaway

Church Street in Twickenham is my local Nice Place.  The street is cobbled, there is a giant outdoor chess set at one end, the River Thames and some nice riverside pubs at the other and lots of small shops selling nice but unneccessary things, in the middle.

I'm not sure how I've managed to walk down Church Street several times in the past year and completely miss Sweetie Pies, which opened last spring, but miss it I did.

Photograph Copyright Not Just A Granny

I might have got a bit overexcited on first noticing it, mainly because the nearest thing I've previously had to a local cupcake shop, is the rather bad Buttercup concession in Westfield.

When I first stopped in, I bought a chocolate and hazelnut cupcake to take away. I was impressed. I often find chocolate cupcakes dry or heavy (including my own), but this one had a deep chocolate flavour and was moist and light.

The range of teas on offer meant that I was compelled to make a return visit, but I wanted to sit in the shop this time and get the full Sweetie Pies experience.  I dragged Lucy from Vanilla Frost along, who brought her two independent testers along for the ride.


The interior of the shop is lovely.  Quite 'Cath Kidston' but because the shop is so sunny and airy, you don't feel as though you are drowning in chintz.

I loved the feel of the place, the range of teas on offer, which includes my favourite, amazing flowering Jasmine tea and the mismatched china. Service was welcoming but not overbearing.