Cupcake Camp London: How It Went Down

A post of pictures, as I am currently on a drip recovering from a major sugar crash. Cupcake Camp London was simply caketastic.

A somewhat mundane aside, but I must praise the organiser, Daisy Coole, for putting together such a well organised event.
Our Cakes Looked Good & Got Eaten!

Amazing, Inspirational Cakes from Other Cupcake Crazies!

Mary Berry! I Have Been In The Presence of The Cake Queen!

Cake-Related Tombola & Frosting Shots - We Won A Much-Lusted After Cupcake Caddy!

Truly Brilliant Turnout!

Incongruous Celebrity Presence!

Delicious Cakes!

Cake Carnage!
We shall see you next year, Cupcake Camp!


  1. Fab pics! Looked like you had a lot of fun, and your kiddies enjoyed all the different cupcakes. I was a sponsor of the event and had a table, so didn't get to look around the venue at all, so it's nice to see your pictures of what was going on during the day! Looking forward to next year!

  2. That's the problem with running a stall, isn't it... Sorry to have missed you. It was a great day, we'll probably volunteer next year.

  3. So Alistair Campbell is a secret cupcake fan?! I hope he took a few home for Tony.

    I loved the sound of this event but steered clear as crowds and my Ted do not mix. Glad to see it all went well!

  4. I reckon AC did take some cakes home for Tony... but licked the top of the frostings before passing them over. You were wise not to bring Ted; it was rammed and some of the smaller children were getting squashed (and were squashing cupcakes in one instance, there's always one!).