The Battle For Toad Hall: A Tale Of Two Toads

Welcome to my sorry Tale Of Two Toads. 

I made a promise to myself that my next post on here would not be recipe or food related.  Unfortunately, I was too tempted by the challenge extended on Amuse Bouche UK's blog to create the Ultimate Toad In The Hole in The Battle For Toad Hall.  

I am very poor at the moment and consequently I've found myself eating a lot of sausages. As much as I love casseroles, I am starting to get sausage fatigue, so I felt that an opportunity to pimp my sausages in a different way couldn't be passed up.

Realising that I was making a dish that should serve two to three people, I reasoned that there may as well be someone present to help reduce my gluttony and cast an independent eye over the finished dish. So I invited one of my friends, D., to help me out.

Prior to the event, I asked her to describe the properties of her ideal Toad:
"My (idea) of a good toad in the hole is light, non greasy with slightly crispy on the outside batter. Good quality sausages. I don’t really mind the ratio of batter to sausages as long as it tastes good and a gravy that’s in between thick & thin.  Don’t want much, hey!?"
Indeed.  Unfortunately the first Toad I made, the one which I had to serve for review, was a humiliating failure.